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- Grace Holloman, MS, cPT, Author -

Grace Holloman is a veteran, believer, wife, mom, and doctoral student. The Arkansas native endured a childhood that would inadvertently lead her to writing poetry and playing basketball; allowing herself to process her emotions and escape into her own world. She continued to play basketball growing up and throughout high school graduating from Ozark Adventist Academy in Gentry, Arkansas. She would continue her education by putting herself through Union College in Nebraska, where she received her bachelor's degree.


Grace returned to Arkansas after a meniscus tear and began a career as a personal trainer until she decided to join the military in the fall of 2013. It was three days after enlistment that she would meet her future husband by calling for internet service. Grace would proceed to serve our country as a member of the Arkansas National Guard serving as a Military Police Officer. She maintained this position with the armed forces until two years after the birth of her first daughter, who was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease at two months old. Grace has since become an advocate for Sickle Cell as well as women's maternal health and postpartum care.


After the birth of her second daughter in 2020, she received her master's degree from the University of Kansas. She has continued to advocate for better healthcare for mothers and children who live with health conditions from birth or that develop later in life. In an effort to bring more awareness to children with underlying health conditions, Grace felt compelled to utilize the same poetry that inspired her to overcome traumas in her life. This is all in hopes to inspire the next generation to push past their conditions and aspire for greatness in whatever form it chooses to manifest in. 


Grace and her family currently reside in Oklahoma where she is a small business owner, advocate for women's health, and an advocate for children with disabilities and genetic conditions. This dynamic mother of two loves to foster creativity and expression in her daughters. She is a huge fan and supporter of the WNBA and all other women's sports. She enjoys traveling, dancing, basketball, poetry, and spending time with her family. Grace hopes to use her writings to inspire children born with disabilities and genetic conditions to continue to pursue their dreams, as well as teach awareness and compassion to others.

*Special thank you to Grace's amazing illustrator Shiane Salabie for bringing her vision to life!*

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