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"Informing the community, impacting the world"

Hello!  Hola!  Nǐ hǎo!

I am so thankful for you taking the time to visit my author page! I am so grateful for your support & continued support as we make sure every child can see themselves in a book, no matter what disability or genetic condition they may have. Writing these children's books is a part of my purpose and I may not have known that if my oldest daughter did not have Sickle Cell. ​Please take a look around and reach out if you have any questions! I cannot wait to connect with you!

About The Braver Series

The Braver Than I May Know series is an encouraging, creative, poetic collection of children's books that introduces, informs, and encourages young readers and parents alike. This collection focuses on the bravery of children living with different disabilities and/or genetic conditions, and the individual challenges they go through. What originally began as an attempt to offer comfort to my own daughter, who has Sickle Cell Disease, has evolved into a means of support for all children seeing themselves in a book, NO MATTER WHAT! Our goal with this diversely inclusive series is to educate, inspire, and help teach compassion and understanding to all.

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First Book Reviewers!

First Book Reviewers!

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